Tuesday, 20 December 2016



1)      This hypoglycemic agent reduces the serum concentration of oral contraceptives                                                                                                 

              ANS.    Pioglitazone

2)       The most common causative agent of bacterial pneumonia is

ANS.    Streptococcus pneumoniae

3)       Insulin glargine is an example of

             ANS.    Ultra- long acting

4)       Regarding Maprotiline, which statement is accurate

            ANS.   Sedation occurs commonly

5)      Established clinical uses of this drug include enuresis and chronic pain

ANS.   Imipramine

6)      Drug of choice in syphilis is

              ANS.   Penicillin

7)      Drug causes pancreatitis

ANS.   Didanosine

8)      Drug acts as luminal amoebicide
ANS.   Diloxanide furoate

9)      Not an extra-pyradimal side effect

 ANS.   Agranulocytosis

10)  Neurosyphilis is treated with

ANS.   Procaine penicillin

11)   The anti-microbial activity of penicillin is due to

ANS.   6-APA

12)   Most serious side effect of penicillin therapy is

ANS.   Anaphylactic shock

13)   Commercial source of penicillinase is

ANS.   Bacillus cereus

14)  Neuropathy is caused by

ANS.   Pyrazinamide

15)   Zidovudine resistant cases can be treated with

ANS.   Dideoxy cytidine

16)  Antiviral activity Of zidovudine is antagonized by

ANS.   Thymidine and ribovurin

17)   Drug of choice in treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis is

ANS.   Pyrazinamide

18)   Emetine dihydrochloride is used in treatment of

ANS.   Extra intestinal amoebiasis

19)  Agent causes dose related cardiac damage

ANS.   Doxorubicin

20)   The following agent causes myelosuppression except

ANS.   L-asparaginase

21)  The following dug is metabolized to a cytotoxic product

ANS.   Flurouracil

22)   The following agent shows cytotoxicity that is cell cycle specific

ANS.   Methotrexate

23)   The following is found in vitamin B12

             ANS.   Cobalt

24)  Vitamin K is associated with

ANS.   Blood clotting

25)   Vancomycin is

ANS.   Preferably administered by intravenous route

26)   Aminocaproic acid is used mainly as

ANS.   Plasma expander

27)  Drug can be used to treat both constipation and diarrhea

ANS.    Poly carbophil

28)   The following should not be administered to a patient with my asthenia gravis

              ANS.   Curare

29)   Diazoxide is used mainly in treating

ANS.   High diastolic pressure

30)  Streptomycin is due to
ANS.   Eight cranial nerve damage

31)   Terbutaline has a preference on particular receptor. Identify it

ANS.   Beta2

32)   Symptoms not present in digitalis intoxication

ANS.   Vagal arrest of the heart

33)  The prolonged use of digitalis preparation may result in

ANS.   Tolerance

34)   Procarbazine is used primarily to treat

ANS.   Hodgkin’s disease

35)    Alternate day steroid therapy is most useful in treating

ANS.   Asthma

36)  Cigarette smoking increases the side effects of

ANS.   Oral contraceptives

37)   Is a first line drug to treat tuberculosis

ANS.   Rifampin

38)   A prominent toxic effect of local anaesthetics is

ANS.   CNS stimulation

39)  A very common side effect of morphine is

ANS.   Constipation

40)   Patient receiving iron therapy should be warned about

ANS.   Blackening of the stool

41)   An overdose of d-tubocurarine

ANS. Paralyses the respiratory muscles

42)   Excessive use of tolbutamide will lead to

ANS.   Prolong hypoglycemia

43)   Is gametocidal agent in malaria

ANS.   Proguanil

44)   Therapeutically, vitamin B1, has been employed most successfully in the treatment of

ANS.   Beriberi

45)   Yellow pigmentation of the stain is most common with

ANS.   Atabrine

46)   A common side effect of ephedrine is

ANS.   Nervousness

47)   Aspirin in small doses is likely to be useful to prevent attacks of pain in

ANS.   Typical angina

48)   Tamoxigen

ANS.    Is an antioestrogen

49)   Red in colour

ANS.   Mercurochrome

50)   An example of bile acid binding resin is

ANS.   cholestyramine